Pozi Torsion Impact Bits

Pozi Torsion Impact Bits
BE-283PZ Series

• V5 alloy steel quality
• Uniquely engineered "Torsion Zone"
• With blue collar for Pozi bits
• Universal 1/4" Hex Shank fits
   all drills.

• An ideal complement for any
   electric drill or power screwdriver

• 250% impact lifetime and
   100% other product lifetime

Ref# Bit Type Overall Length Collar Material
283PZ0001025K5 C6.3 PZ1 25mm Blue V5
283PZ0002025K5 C6.3 PZ2 25mm Blue V5
283PZ0003025K5 C6.3 PZ3 25mm Blue V5
283PZ0001050K5 E6.3 PZ1 50mm Blue V5
283PZ0002050K5 E6.3 PZ2 50mm Blue V5
283PZ0003050K5 E6.3 PZ3 50mm Blue V5
283PZ0001090K5 E6.3 PZ1 90mm Blue V5
283PZ0002090K5 E6.3 PZ2 90mm Blue V5
283PZ0003090K5 E6.3 PZ3 90mm Blue V5