Slotted Torsion Impact Bits

Slotted Torsion Impact Bits
BE-283SL Series

• V5 alloy steel quality
• Uniquely engineered "Torsion Zone"
• With yellow collar for Slotted bits
• Universal 1/4" Hex Shank fits
   all drills.
• An ideal complement for any
   electric drill or power screwdriver
• 250% impact lifetime and
   100% other product lifetime

Ref# Bit Type Overall Length Collar Material
283SL0002025K3 C6.3 1x5.5 25mm Yellow V5
283SL0003025K3 C6.3 1x6.5 25mm Yellow V5
283SL0002090K3 E6.3 1x5.5 90mm Yellow V5
283SL0003090K3 E6.3 1x6.5 90mm Yellow V5